SAVE Up to 70% on your electricity bill

A Solar Photocoltaic (PV) Panel harnesses the energy from the daylight generating a DC current. The DC current then goes through an inverter and turned into household AC. Alternatively, it can be sorted as DC in a battery for use later.

Contrary to popular belief, a Photovoltaic system does not necessarily need bright sunlight in order to operate successfully. A correctly engineered system will continue to generate electricity even on cloudy days.

Harness the power of daylight in the most efficient way


• Reduce your electricity bills by up to 70%.
• Reduce your carbon footprint.
• Add value to your property.
• Increase your BER rating.
• Power diverter add on available to give you 60% of your hot water, free, all year round.
• No moving parts and no maintenance required.
• Reduce your dependency on fossil fuels.
• Safeguard against any rises in energy costs by your current provider.
• 30 year product warranty.
• Grants up to €3800 available.


• 3000+ Installations Nationwide.
• 40 Years Industry Experience.
• SEAI Vetted and Approved Installer.
• 100% SEAI Inspection Pass Rate.
• 40+ Staff providing 24/7/365 cover.
• Fully certified, trained & experienced installers.
• Extremely client focused.
• Grant Application Assistance.
• Finance Options Available.