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PV Generation has a people first policy. We’ve been established since 2015 and have the team to ensure the best Solar PV experience in the country. Our directors have spent years working on the customer journey, taking your feedback and fine tuning it to ensure that each and every customer has an enjoyable Solar PV Experience.
Unlike other Solar installers we only use in-house Roofers and Electricians. This way we can promise the highest standard of workmanship in the industry. We have a highly experienced customer service team that is available to you at every stage of your PV Generation experience.

Our in-house grants team does all the paperwork. This includes applying for your BER Certificate and your SEAI Grant. On the day of install our roofers will fit the system in the morning. Soon after, our electricians will arrive to wire your system and give you a full handover of your Solar PV system.

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