The Green Party Bill aspires to remove planning permission For Solar

July 30, 2021

The Green Party is currently seeking to remove restrictions around the installation of solar panels.

Senators will debate today to amend the current planning regulations.

This means that schools and public buildings will no longer have to seek planning permission for solar panels, however some restrictions will stay in place in relation to proximity of the apex of a roof in addition to protections in place for listed buildings.

This will simplify the whole process around solar panels on school buildings, public buildings and agricultural buildings.

Home will be able to install larger arrays of solar panels without planning permission, meaning the panels will no longer be restricted to 12 meters squared or 50% of the roof area.

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Meskill, T, (2021), ‘Greens look to remove solar panel planning restrictions’ RTE News.
Date of Publication: 28/06/2021.

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