Warren Furlong - Furlong Farm

We’ve always had sustainability in the back of our minds. When we constructed our milking parlour in 2017, we spent an enormous amount of time designing the parlour from an efficiency point of view both labour and energy. The construction of the building itself had to take into account solar power in the future. 

FarmGen gave us the link to PV Generation and all the information we needed to convince us that solar panels would work well on our farm and would provide the level of return that would pay for the investment within six or seven years.

So, to me it was a no brainer, we were going to tick the sustainability box, we were going to help the environment. I really like the idea of exporting our electricity to the grid and our current 42KW system installed by PV Generation allows us to export our surplus electricity to the grid. 

I’m really happy that FarmGen put me in touch with PV Generation, happy with the way the system worked and would urge other Farmers to at least consider it because we have nothing to lose by considering a cost saving exercise that will be sustainable and environmentally friendly aswell.