Amanda Mooney - Winter Milk Co.Wicklow

Stephen came out and accessed the Farm Buildings and gave us a quotation. Stephen came back out and signed the contract and looked after all the paperwork for us including the BER Grant for the house, it was a very very simple process to go through.

I’m delighted with the system, when we first looked at installing it was purely for the financial reasons for the cost of energy. I’m doing the sustainable academy with Tirlán and I’m now much more aware of the carbon usage on the farm and for me that’s the biggest advantage of having solar panels. Now it’s the carbon that we’re saving. 

I’m really happy with our solar panels and I would highly recommend Tirlán’s FarmGen programme, we were looked after from the very beginning, our first sales calls to the end of the installation and the support afterwards have been incredible, so I would highly recommend it.