May 09, 2022

I can guarantee you that this article will be eye-opening. It will provide actionable, research backed insight that’s proven to take your business from being mean to turning green.

I know what your thinking – “Great! More renewables being shoved in my face” – but I assure you after you have read this article you will be ecstatic to reduce your carbon footprint and increase them savings!


Plenty of roof space makes solar energy for commercial buildings a very good investment. As we have seen for ourselves this year, energy prices are going through the roof and inflation levels are unprecedented. Historically energy prices rise, and they could double further in the next ten years while the solar energy you are collecting from your own solar installation in your home will still be free. While the amount of money saved varies based on the size of the solar system and generation.

Solar PV is highly reliability and low maintenance. They have no moving parts, and the primary maintenance is simply keeping them clean. Solar PV modules are extremely dependable and have warranties of 25 years. Owning your energy is a game-changer especially now that Microgeneration will be coming into play. You will be paid for any excess energy that goes to the grid. While increasing the value of your business.


Like every business owner, you want to cut overhead costs where possible. While managing a business, you already must pay for supplies, insurance, property maintenance, expansion, and utilities. One major overhead cost you can change is reducing your energy bill.

A consistent, stable energy system is vital for every business. Depending on whether you are running an office or a factory, you’ll use energy for more than just lights. You might have electric heaters, machinery and equipment powered by electricity. Unless you opt for all energy efficient products rated A, there’s not much else you can do to reduce your energy costs.

You’ll also get financial reassurance with solar PV. When you are self-sufficient or even semi-sufficient on solar power, you’ll be immune from price spikes and inflation.

Being dependent on the grid means you are at the mercy of the energy suppliers subdued to price spikes and inflation. While having your own power system will allow you to know exactly what your energy costs are. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your price is protected.


Fossil fuels are coming to an end. The CO2 produced from such sources damages the planet. Electricity from the sun is one of the crucial elements in future energy supplies. Having solar PV panels generates savings, but it also generates good feedback. Being a sustainable business with commercial solar PV panels can be extremely positive for public relations and a good marketing tactic for your business. Especially now, considering the emphasis placed on ‘Going Green’ and the grant incentives provided, it would be silly not to take advantage.

By showing your customers you care about the environment by using renewable energy and are willing to invest in our future can attract you more business. More and more consumers research a business in advance to see if they are running a sustainable operation. Moreover, you can get a customised Solar PV system that you can keep adding too as your business grows.


The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland provides several grant incentives that cover solar panels for businesses. Finance & Grants make it super easy to generate long term savings and a quick pay back. The most popular grant available is Better Energy Communities Scheme (BEC). All grants available in Ireland for commercial purposes are listed below:

Better Energy Communities (BEC) Scheme – is a national retrofit initiative managed by the SEAI. BEC offers a win-win grant aid solution for community groups, public authorities, GAA clubs, individuals & businesses to both lower their energy bills while reducing their energy usage.

EXEED Grant – is designed for organisations who are planning an energy investment project. Grant support of up to €1,000,000 per project is available. The scheme is open to all organisations planning an investment in an energy project. This includes New design projects & major renovation and major energy upgrades of existing buildings & assets.

Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) – is a tax incentive scheme that promotes investment in energy efficient products & equipment. The ACA is based on the long standing ‘Wear and Tear Allowance’ for investment in capital plant and machinery, whereby capital depreciation can be compensated through a reduction in an organisation’s tax liability.

The ACA Scheme allows a sole trader, farmer or company that pays corporation tax in Ireland to deduct the full cost of the equipment from their profits in the year of purchase. As a result, the reduction in tax paid by the organisation in that year is currently 12.5% of the value of capital expenditure.


The commercial sector will benefit immensely from a Solar PV Installation especially with the Microgeneration Scheme being implemented. “The government is currently developing a framework of supports – to enable homes, businesses, farms, and communities to install renewable resources for their own consumption and receive payment for any residual energy they export to the grid. Micro-generation has an important role in empowering and driving participation. It creates opportunities for residential, community, agricultural and commercial customers who take the first step towards investing in renewable energies and decarbonising homes and businesses. For more information on the MSS framework:


Contact us on 04779078 for more information or email us directly at info@pvgeneration.ie PV Generation is one of the leading renewable energy experts in Ireland. Our expert team is experienced and provide a solution for the energy needs of your business.

Our team is committed to working to the highest standards and all aspects of your business are considered. Our team manages everything from design, purchase, installation and teasing of all equipment and commissioning.
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