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We have installed hundreds of solar PV systems to people’s homes, commercial buildings and large-scale PV farms all over Ireland. All our PV panels have a 25-year performance guarantee.

Sunpower P6 Solar Panels

(As used by NASA and Apple Inc.)

What makes SunPower’s panels superior?

With a sleek black design that elegantly blends into any roof, the SunPower Performance 6 BLK panel utilises high efficiency 210mm solar cells with current-collecting wires on the cell face to deliver more lifetime energy over standard solar panels.

• Durability that Translates to More Energy, Engineered to stand up to environmental stresses such as shading, daily temperature swings and high humidity. 

• A Track Record of Innovation Leadership, SunPower Performance panels represent the most deployed shingled cell panel in the industry—innovation protected by a growing portfolio of patents worldwide

• A Better Product. A Better Warranty, Each SunPower Performance panel is manufactured with the confidence to deliver more energy and reliability over time—and backed for 25 years by the SunPower Complete Confidence Panel Warranty

• Engineered for Performance, Smaller cells stay cooler when shaded, extending panel life. 

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Van Der Valk
Mounting Systems

We use only the most reliable mounting systems: Van Der Valk. Robust and reliable, the systems are weatherproof and roofs are not compromised by them as they do not necessitate permanent penetration.

We have developed a strong affiliation with this Dutch Manufacturer; Van Der Valk’s service and attention to detail goes far beyond point of sale. Their technical support allows us to fit ballasted systems with confidence that wind / snow and load calculations have been diligently checked.

As with all the products we use, we are service and installation partners for Van Der Valk, providing a complete package for our customer. We provide local support as part of the after-service which our customers benefit from.

Huawei Inverter

Huawei is a global leader in the inverter market. They cover residential to utility level inverters which, combined with the large capacity sold, gives them a broad experience to draw from to create the highest quality products.

All Huawei inverters have over 98% peak and EU efficiencies, a minimum of IP65 protection rating, a minimum of 4 MPPT trackers per unit, and in-built safety features. Their commercial range also offers IV curve diagnosis, and there are high voltage versions of the larger sizes too.

This battery-ready range of hybrid inverters are part of the Huawei ‘Smart Energy Centre’.

Ultra-light and very compact single phase inverter. From 3KTL to 6KTL, with 2 MPPT string inputs in each inverter. DC and AC surge protection integrated, and comes with WiFi as standard.

Active Safety – AI powered Arc Fault detection
Higher Yields – Up to 30% more power

Huawei battery Storage

The new modular Huawei LUNA2000-5-S0 (5 KWH) is a high voltage lithium battery which will be compatible with a wide range of self-consumption inverters especially with the Huawei SUN2000 2-6KTL-L1 single-phase inverters.

Compatible with the latest generation of Huawei SUN2000 KTL-L1 single-phase and Huawei SUN2000 KTL-M0 and Huawei SUN2000 KTL-M1 three-phase hybrid inverters. The modular system consists of a “Power Control Module” block on top and battery modules which are stackable together. This allows for easy and quick installation.

The LUNA2000 battery also allows for parallel connection of up to 30kWh because of its modular design of 5kWh in its different models of 5, 10 and 15kWh. Each battery pack has a built-in energy optimizer and supports independent charge and discharge management. The main advantages include: Compact size and easy installation Pack Level Energy Optimization High energy density 100% Depth of Discharge набор кастрюль купить Excellent safety Quick Commissioning.


The My Energi Eddi is a ‘state of the art’ energy saving device. It helps you to self-consume the excess green energy produced by your Solar PV system, and it is also compatible with all other renewable generation technologies, including wind turbine and hydro systems купить мощный фонарь на аккумуляторе. The device is essentially an automatic power controller that diverts surplus power to a designated load, normally a hot water heater, to save energy and minimize your utility bills.


Charge your electric car from the comfort of your home. Zappi is a revolutionary solar electric car charger that combines the use of renewable energies with modern technology купить мультитул. Paired with the myenergi hub and app, you can set timers to utilise economy tariffs, use of the boost function, create notifications for battery status, and so much more!

myenergi has revolutionised the world of electric car charging by joining together cutting-edge technologies and innovative design to create the most versatile, attractive and economical electric vehicle charging service on the market купити постільну білизну. Better yet, zappi’s are available on electric car charging grants available right across Ireland.

With use of renewable energy increasing in both commercial and residential sectors, having charge points are a must for those with electric vehicles постільна білизна інтернет магазин. We install EV-Box which is an all-in-one charging solution to ensure an energy-efficient operation.

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