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We have installed hundreds of solar PV systems to people’s homes, commercial buildings and large-scale PV farms all over Ireland. All our PV panels have a 25-year performance guarantee.

Energy Monitoring & Management​

Before installing a complex PV system, we first put in place an energy monitoring system to assess your building and optimize your PV solution.

The Smappee energy monitor we use is the best on the world market.

Most of our customers keep our Smappee energy monitoring system after installation of their PV system as it allows them to keep track of and manage their consumption.

The inverters we use can also be monitored online for their output and performance.

Solar PV Panels

Our Tier 1 Mono-crystalline Solar Photovoltaic panels are produced using high quality materials and superior technology. 

Performance is guaranteed! Our solar panels come with a linear performance guarantee of 30 years and 12 years product warranty.

We tailor-make a PV solution to suit your usage profile and available roof space and roof specs.


The inverters we use most are Tranergy,  Huawei  and BPE  as these have proven excellent performance. We are service partners with Fronius who boost a top-quality commercial grade Symo inverter range.

Solar Mounting Systems​

We use only the most reliable Van Der Valk mounting systems. Robust and reliable, the systems are weatherproof and roofs are not compromised by them as they do not necessitate permanent penetration.

We have developed strong affiliations with this Dutch manufacturer; Van Der Valk’s service and attention to detail goes far beyond point of sale. Their technical support allows us to fit ballasted systems with the confidence that wind / snow and load calculations have been diligently checked.

As with all the products we use, we are service and installation partners for Van Der Valk, providing a complete package for our customer. We provide local support as  a vital part of the after-service from which our customers benefit.


EV Charge Points

With use of renewable energy increasing in both commercial and residential sectors, having charge points are a must for those with electric vehicles.

We install EV-Box which is an all-in-one charging solution to ensure an energy-efficient operation.

eddit diverters

Hot Water - Storage

We install eddi diverters. eddi is an effective energy management system, for use with grid-tied PV systems, which allows you to use any energy surplus to heat your water.

We normally install 3.68kW / 16A max. heater load.

Solar Battery Storage​

Recharging batteries with your solar PV system can offer a convenient option for smart energy consumption.

Battery storage assures you that the electricity you use is clean and renewable. Meanwhile, batteries can also be used to address the intermittency concern of photovoltaics.

For homeowners, energy storage makes sense.

Infrared Technology

Infrared Heating

We install infrared heaters. For heat retention, it is more effective to heat a building than to heat the air in it. This is due to the thermal store of the walls and is especially effective with thermal interior panels.

Infrared is the invisible transfer of radiant heat. There are different wavelengths of infrared: short/medium are more intense; longwave (or far) is less intense. It is mostly the sun’s short and medium-wave infrared that reaches us here on earth, but when absorbed by the surface of the earth, that heat is radiated back as longwave, or far, infrared. So, the feeling of heat from a hot wall or beach is far infrared. This is completely natural and safe.

Our bodies absorb and emit far infrared, and any object that is colder than you will absorb your heat. This loss of heat will make you feel cold. In a cold room, the building will “take” your heat and make you feel cold.

But when we heat the walls, ceiling and floor of a building (the “thermal mass”) using Herschel Infrared, the room stops taking away our body heat and radiates back the infrared, making us feel warm. This is a warmth that is almost impossible to achieve with central heating as it just heats the air and does very little to heat the thermal mass of the building.

The Benefits of Infrared Heating

One of the cheapest heating options available. A kilowatt hour of electricity only costs around 16 cent.

More efficient than other heating options such as air source heat pumps (by up to 20%), efficient digital electrical radiators (by up to 40%) and a staggering 50-60% on underfloor and electric night storage heaters.

One of the greenest heating solutions available with a minimal carbon footprint.

Available in stunning modern designs with various finish options e.g. framed, mirror, printed image etc.

Require minimal space as best practice is to ceiling or wall mount them.

Heat the walls and furniture. Once heated, the internal room acts a store of thermal mass which retains heat much better than air does.

Project heat which can be felt to about three metres away from the heaters.

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