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Our Technologies

PV Generation offers expert services for solar panel installations. Solar PV systems work in Ireland (despite the rain) and most areas of the country have as much solar radiation as Germany where there are over 1.5 millions installations.  Our customers include domestic, commercial buildings and large-scale PV farms. All our PV panels have a 25-year performance guarantee. We are a trusted solar company based in Cork, Ireland and we have to date, installed over 250 solar PV systems to commercial and residential premises.

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Energy Monitoring & Management

Prior to installing more complex PV systems we will install energy monitoring systems to assess your building and allow use to optimise your PV solution. We use the Smappee energy monitor is the best on the world market.

Most of our customers keep our Energy Monitoring – Smappee system. This allows them to monitor and manage their consumption. The inverters we use also provide on-line monitoring of their output and performance.


Solar PV Panels

We will design a PV solution to fit with your usage profile, available space and roofing details. PV panels are then selected based on site requirements and always high-quality units.


We generally install Tranergy and Fronius inverters. These have an excellent track record.

Solar Mounting Systems

We use only the most reliable and Van Der Valk mounting systems have proven robust and reliable. Roofs are not compromised with no permanent penetration and weather proof. 

Export Management

We also have solutions for minimizing power export to the grid using a several different technologies matching your needs. This ranges from PowerDiverters or Coolpower Products for excess generation storage or battery systems.

Hot water/storage

We install diverters that monitor electricity import and export. Any energy surplus can be used to heat your water. eddi is an energy management system for use with grid-tied PV systems. We normally install 3.68kW / 16A max. heater load. A tried and tested product.

EV Charge Points

With renewable energy increasingly growing in both commercial and residential sectors, charge points is a must for those with electric vehicles. We install EV-Box which is an all-in-one Charging Solution to ensure an optimal charging experience and an energy-efficient operation.

Space Heating

We install infrared heaters. Heating buildings retains heat much more effectively than air. This is due to the thermal store of the walls, especially effective with thermal interior panels.

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