Savings on your Solar PV System


Annual Savings

CO₂ Savings/year: 1,614Kg
Electricity Savings: 3,753kWh
Electricity Savings/year: €638
Water Heating Savings/year: €150
Total Savings/year: €788

Savings Over 30 Years

CO₂ Savings/year: 48,420Kg
Electricity Savings: 112,590kWh
Electricity Savings/year: €19,140
Water Heating Savings/year: €4,500
Total Savings/year: €23,640

Savings above are calculated to normal operational & behavioural conditions within your home, to further increase your savings greater to what is outlined above we recommend you change a few small things in terms of energy use:

Run appliances such as washing machine, tumble dryer, dish washer, immersion and cooker/oven during daylight hours

Implement Energy Efficient Lighting (eg LED Lighting)

Switch to a cheaper night time rate to have an option to charge your battery at night (eg €0.08/kWh)

Savings calculated in accordance with SEAI guidance and presumptions for battery size and use (DEAP 4.2.0 Manual). Figures used include solar radiation (W/m²) in your area, electricity use (kWh), shading factor, coefficient factor and kWp output. Average unit price is used for the purpose of this calculation (€0.17/kWh)


Table above shows the average Kilowatt (kW) usage of some typical household appliances. By determining the kW usage of these appliances we can then determine how long these appliances can run alone of the relevant battery storage that comes with the appropriate Solar PV system.

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