Infrared Heaters

Herschel Far Infrared Heater

Infrared is the invisible transfer of radiant heat. There are different wavelengths of Infrared. Short/Medium are more intense, Far (or Longwave) is less intense.

It’s mostly the sun’s short and medium-wave infrared that reaches us here on earth, but when absorbed by the surface of the Earth, that heat is radiated back as longwave (far) infrared. So, the feeling of heat from a hot wall or beach is far infrared. This is completely naturaland safe.

Our bodies absorb and emit far infrared and any object that is colder than you will absorb your heat. This loss of heat will make you feel cold. In a cold room, the building will “take” your heat and make you feel cold.

But if we heat the walls, ceiling and floor of a building (“the Thermal Mass”) using Herschel Infrared, the room will stoptaking away our body heat and radiate back the infrared, making us feel warm. This is a warmth that is almost impossible to achieve with central heating that just heats the air and does very little to heat the thermal mass of the building.

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IR Heater Benefits:

  • IR Heaters are one of the cheapest heating options available. A kilowatt hour of electricity only costs around 14 pence.
  • A lot more efficient than other heating options such as air source heat pumps (by up to 20%), efficient digital electrical radiators (by up to 40%) and a staggering 50-60% on underfloor and electric night storage heaters.
  • One of the greenest heating solutions available with a minimal carbon footprint.
  • A stunning modern design with various finish options e.g. Framed, mirror, printed image…
  • Minimal space required as best practice would be to ceiling or wall mount.
  • IR heaters heat the walls and furniture. Once heated, the internal room acts a store of “THERMAL MASS” which retains heat much better than air.
  • You can feel the infrared from the heaters around 3 meters from the heater.