DIY: Get ready for a natural high

DIY: Get ready for a natural high

Kya deLongchamps reports back on the performance of her photovoltaic array and wonders if it could handle the addition of an electric car 

With the new Government-backed climate action plan now on the table, I know many of our readers will be feeling bruised at the full-on assault on fossil fuel-powered, central heating systems and the intention to raise the Carbon Tax to €80 per tonne by 2030.

Under Minister for Climate Action Richard Bruton’s proposals, gas and oil boilers have become public enemy number one, with an “easy pack” set of solutions for retrofitting up to 500,000 extant, underperforming homes on the way by the end of this year.

It’s going to be a complex adventure to answer our carbon responsibilities for the EU, and I suspect the streets will be filled with neon-vested outrage before a compromise we can live with (and pay for) is finally thrashed out to coax us into compliance.

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