Commercial IR

The future of heating is efficient, low energy electric heating

What is Infrared heat?

Infrared heating is a cost effective, efficient and green option reducing not only your billls but also your carbon footprint.

Infrared radiant heat has the same feeling you get of warmth on your face from the sun or a coal fire.

Today, new technology, in the form of our 100% energy efficient, Herschel Infrared heating, is allowing us to use radiant heating once more in a stylish, comfortable and highly controllable way. It is 100% safe and natural (it’s UV that is harmful, not infrared).

Comparison of heating technologies

Compared with new technologies such as heat pumps HERSCHEL INFRARED offers significantly quicker payback times due to the lower costs of installation and lower maintenance. 

Comparison of heating technologies

vs Heatpumps

vs Night storage heaters

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iQ Control System

Flexible control with Herschel heaters ensures you manage optimum comfort levels and maximise energy efficiency. Our Herschell iQ system provides the maximum flexibility, using the latest wireless technology to turn your new Herschell infrared heaters into a cutting edge, smart, energy-saving heating system. No-one else offers this winning combination of our stylish and efficient heaters with such a comprehensive and cost effective system.

Our Herschel iQ thermostats are simple to operate, can be fully programmed and wrelessly linked with your Herschel heaters on a stand-alone basis. For central control, our brand new Herschel iQ Hub lets you control all your heaters in the property remotely from an app.

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Infrared office heaters

Make full use of valuable wall and floor space by switching to Herschel’s Infrared Office heaters. Our 60 x 60 cm ceiling tile heaters fit perfectly into suspended ceiling grids and blend in with the ceiling. The radiant nature of Herschel Infrared means the heat goes exactly where you want it and you don’t waste excess energy warming up unused areas of a room. There is no noise, no moving parts and no maintenance. Infrared heat helps maintain a healthy damp-free office atmosphere.

For unusual offices such as converted buildings that may have higher or pitched ceilings, our Summit and Pulsar heaters provide the perfect solution.

Infrared heaters for shops

Herschel’s range of commercial infrared heaters for shops is completely changing the way retail shops are heated, providing cost effective, stylish, comfortable warmth for employees and customers. Our solutions are programmable remotely allowing you to control the heat to meet your specific requirements.

Our Select 350w ceiling tile heaters are the ideal for shops with suspended ceilings – perfect for heating entire shops or as a top up for colder zones within larger premises. The infrared heat is radiated down keeping the heat source out of reach of customers and employees. Easy to install and control, they are discreet, efficient and maintenance free.

Infrared heating solutions for property developers

Herschel Infrared heaters provide low energy, efficient and stylish infrared heating solutions, ideal for property developers and landlords looking for low maintenance and cost effective electric heating solutions.

Herschel infrared heaters deliver on ease of installation and provide flexibility around ceiling and wall mounting options freeing up wall space to maximise interior layouts.

Warehouse & Industrial heaters

Our market leading range of infrared warehouse and industrial heaters are the perfect solution for heating people in warehouses and are the ideal replacement for legacy gas or air blown heating systems.

Savings can be achieved through infrared radiant heating because it is possible to precisely heat only the areas that require heating. The ability to create heated zones can result in significant savings as convection heating needs to heat the entire volume of air in a unit – not just the zone you want.

Herschel offers different heaters for different industrial uses, from heating individual workstations to workbenches and whole areas of warehouses. Click on the image to zoom the picture and discover the different applications for our different industrial heaters.

Infrared workshop heaters

Workshops, Vehicle service areas and loading bays are difficult to heat using traditional solutions which require you to heat the whole volume of air, circulate dust and other unwanted debris and encourage moisture formation.

These areas benefit greatly from Herschel’s Infrared workshop heaters. Moisture is kept to a minimum, our heaters can be zoned to heat just the area you want, they are cost effective, highly efficient and comfortable. Significant energy savings can be made by heating specific areas and not the entire volume of the building.

Our commercial space heating range is the preferred choice for replacement of old gas and electric convection heating. Our heaters are also suitable as additional supplementary heating of cold areas.

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