Case Study - Human Biology Building NUIG

Human Biology Building NUIG (Commercial)

These works at NUI Galway proved challenging for a number of reasons, including the height of the buidlings at 4 storey, working in such a densely populated area and SEAI grants to process across departments at NUIG. Combined with these was the difficulty that there was not much viable roof space was on the roof of the Human Biology Building. This meant we put the dexerity of the Van Der Valk mounting system to the test and it came up trumps again, fitting brilliantly into the spaces available as can be seen from the installation photo below showing how close to other roof plant the solar PV system is and can be placed. This system is tied in with the building management system BMS here using a volt free contact on the Fronius inverter for such information gathering.


NUI Galway

Size of installation

17 kWp

Purpose, system type

College Building,  roof mounted

Module type and area

66 x Trina Solar 270w Polycrystalline panels covering 105 m2


1 Fronius Symo 17.5.0-3-M


June 2018

Annual yield

Approx. 15,000 kWh

CO2 saved/ year

Approx. 6.8 tonnes per year