Case Study - Aras Na Gaeilge NUIG

Aras Na Gaeilge NUIG - Galway (Commercial)

A split East/West System on a Fronious Symo 20 string inverter. For every roof type we have the correct mounting applicatin.This was a 1.5 day roof installation and 2.5 day electrical connection. NUIG were nominated for a LAMA award from the addition of 2 Solar arrays fitted on the campus last year. PV Generation Ltd designed, certified and commisioned each system. Through Better Energy Community Schemes involvement we were able to secure SEAI grants for each of the installations. We continue to work closely with NUIG in developing the next steps needed to make tjem a greener and more self sustainable. An EV charger network and additional Solar arrays will be rolled out on campus over the coming years.


NUI Galway

Size of installation

20 kWp

Purpose, system type

College Building,  roof mounted

Module type and area

72 x Trina Solar 270w Polycrystalline panels covering 105 m2


1 Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M


June 2018

Annual yield

Approx. 16,000 kWh

CO2 saved/ year

Approx. 7.3 tonnes per year