Case Study - Capital Building Cork

Capital Building Cork (Commercial)

This was our first Cork City Centre installation. When we initially met with the electrical engineering team for BAM construction we advised the use of micro inverters as an added safety measure in this situation. This system was installed to provide energy for the landlord supply of the building inhabited with different tenant companies. PVGen provide a bi-annual maintenance callout, as requested, as part of our ongoing customer service development.



Size of installation

4.86 kWp

Purpose, system type

Commercial premises, roof mounted

Module type and area

18 x Sunerg 270w Polycrystalline panels covering 28.8 m2


18 Enphase 215 Micro-inverters


September 2016

Annual yield

Approx. 3859 kWh

CO2 saved/ year

Approx. 1.75 tonnes per year