Capitol Building

Capitol Building - A commercial project

The capitol building in Cork which has just undergone a major redevelopment is an iconic City Landmark. The redevelopment was a JCD project and built by BAM construction. This 4.77 kWp System is the first solar PV system fitted in the city centre followed by the Cork city library.

The system consists of 18 265w Trina poly panels on VDV Pro east/ west mounting, Enphase micro inverters were suggested as the best option for safety and efficiency, DC current at roof level only.

The benefits of the mounting system used are as follows.

  • Ballast and wind calculations ensure that the system remains safe from the elements.
  • No penetration of the asphalt roofing material which also has a layer of 50mm stone as a protective measure to the membrane, giving confidence that the integrity of the membrane remained 100% in tact.

This system was fitted to offset some of the land lords supply in common, public areas. We provide a bi-annual O and M check on the system. A service we offer to all commercial and residential clients should they decide to avail of it. Safety on this site was priority number one. Having been inducted through online safety course for the main contractor we coordinated our delivery of materials and installation with several other trades.

The installation was completed in one day. With a further visit required to connect commission and certify the system once the building was live. A seamless, safe and a quality system provided. There was some doubt from one engineer as to whether the system was even working but once live the kilowatt hour meter left him retracting his assumption and believing in the power of solar